HyperSpeed is a memory-resident high-speed handler written for the ICD Multi-IO and CSS Black Box interfaces in order to communicate with 14.4k modems at full speeds without losing data. While Bob Puff did an excellent job with the Black Box handler, HyperSpeed should get that extra bit of speed performance out of it.

The real reason I wrote HyperSpeed was the Multi-IO. With the built-in handler, the maximum throughput was less than 9600. What was worse, while the MIO hardware had the capability, the built-in handler simply did not support flow control, overflowing the modem's buffer and losing data. HyperSpeed corrects these problems, speeding up data flow and giving the 8-bit Atari some of the performance it is capable of.

NOTE: The Black Box version has not been satisfactorily tested, and so most likely still contains many bugs. So, if you wish to run Forem-XE Pro on a Black Box, you are encouraged to use the RS232.COM and HYPER_E2.COM files on the FXEP "A" disk if you are using a high-speed modem.

The best thing about HyperSpeed is that it is now freeware. To download it, RIGHT click on the following link and 'save target as'.

Hyperspd.arc (11k)

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